• Do you have IBD?

    Participate in a study for a new bathroom technology


    A Novel Toilet Monitoring System for Health

    This system is designed to create data from human waste. It has the potential to detect disease indicate signs of IBD flare-up early and better understand the impact of diet, medications and supplements on people with IBD. The study is voluntary and intended for adults age eighteen or older.


    What is the purpose of this study?

    We’re gathering as many images of excreta (stool and urine) as we can to help train the technology in many unique environments.


    What is the duration of the study?

    Study participation will last for approximately three months and you can withdraw at any time.


    Do I get compensated?

    You will receive an Amazon.com eGift card as a modest incentive. It will be between $20-200 based on your usage.


    How is the device powered?

    The unit needs to be plugged into an outlet. If your outlet is being fully used, you may want to buy a splitter.


    How do you protect my privacy?

    We capture images of excreta near the drain of the toilet only and not any parts of the body. We only collect the minimum personal information we need. We obtain consent for data collection. We limit data and information to only those with a need to know. We do not transmit data or information out of the United States. We use robust password protected computers and computer cloud storage. Long-term, we aim to anonymize data for scientific, product and commercial development and research, and do not intend to retain personal health or identifying information. While basic email is unsecured, it is easy and simple and so far appropriate for our types of data, images and analysis.


    Do do you connect to the device?

    We use either your home Wi-Fi network or a cellular network to securely upload the data to our cloud server.


    What is the light I see?

    We light the toilet bowl during use. While it may be initially a surprise, it helps us get good quality images.


    What about guests?

    We provide a notice on the seat that informs guests and allows them to temporarily disable the unit by pressing a button.


    Can I clean my toilet?

    You can continue to clean the toilet seat and bowl the same way you normally do.


    We reserve the right to update these FAQs and our website without notice.