• Participate in a New Bathroom Study

    This study is voluntary and intended for Carlton residents.

    A Toilet Monitoring System

    This novel system is designed to create health information from human waste. It has the potential to indicate signs of urinary tract infections, dehydration, and bowel problems early.


    Who is sponsoring the study?

    Carlton is collaborating with a San Francisco-based company called Toi Labs ("Toi") to conduct this study.


    What is the aim of the study?

    The purpose is to gather as many images of excreta, (stool and urine) to help train the technology in Carlton's unique environment.


    What is the duration of the study?

    Study participation will last for approximately three months and you can withdraw at any time.


    What happens if I participate?

    Toi personnel will install a new toilet seat or riser in your bathroom. You can continue to use the toilet as you normally do.


    Is there any risk to participating?

    Your participation in this study does not involve any physical or emotional risk to you and there are no known dangers with using the device.


    How do you protect my privacy?

    The unit captures images of excreta near the drain of the toilet only and not any parts of the body. Furthermore, Toi collects the minimum personal information, limits data and information to only those with a need to know, does not transmit data or information out of the United States, uses robust password protected computers/servers, and obtains consent for data collection.


    What is the light I see?

    The toilet bowl lights up during use. While it may be initially a surprise, it helps to get good quality images.


    What about guests?

    A notice is provided on the seat that informs guests and allows them to temporarily disable the unit by pressing a button.


    What are the benefits of my participation?

    You are not likely to have any direct benefit from being in this research study and your individual data will not be sent back to you or made available to you. However, the study results may be used to help other people in the future.


    Can I clean my toilet?

    You can continue to clean the toilet seat and bowl in the same way you normally do, using the same cleaning agents and methods.


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